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Djeco Colored Sand In a Garden

Learn and new and creative method of creating art with this fun, kid friendly sand painting set by Djeco. The set comes with 4 stenciled images laid out in an "art by number" pattern, each placed on top of a sticky backing, 12 colored sand pots, a dulled cutting tool and the carrying case. To create sand pictures, children simply use the cutting to cut out sections of the picture from the the sticky backing, then place the image in the carry case with their desired color of sand. Shake the sand around the image, dust off an excess, and voila! in no time, you have your very own unique masterpiece! What is even better, unused sand can be easily recycled back into the pots because of a small cut in one corner of the carry case. Simply tilt the case, shake and the sand easily funnels back in!

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