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4M Garden Stepping Stone Kit

With this 4M kit, you can make your very own garden stepping stone with you own style. Make a stepping stone that glitters during the day and glows in the night! This kit included everything you need to make and decorate one 5.5 x 7.5 x 2.25 inch garden stone. Use the concrete mix and mould to form the shape of your stepping stone and before it dries, decorate it with the included glitter, glow stars, glass stones, and carving tool. Carve in a message like "Welcome" or "Home Sweet Home".  Great hands-on creative activity to let your kids help you with! Contents include: 1 bad of concrete mix, 1 blister mould, assorted plastic colour beads, 1 bag of glitter, 2 glow stars, 8 glass stones, 1 carving tool, and 1 detailed set of instructions. For ages 8 and up.